Speaking in JakartaJS

Hi, my name is Giovanni Sakti and people call me Gio.

I’m an experienced software engineer, having founded my own startup before, which initially deals with software projects from the enterprises and the government then went on building products for them. My current gig is as a systems engineer working on cloud native technologies in the largest of scale at a company called GO-JEK.

I love community and have been helping my local ruby and javascript community since many years ago. We also have non-profit foundation for tech community, which has helped organize RubyConf and PyCon in the past.

I also love mentoring and have organized or become part of bootcamp mentors several times before.

When not engineering something, I love doing sports, such as watching live football and tennis on TV, playing football games on PC and obviously reading fans banter on twitter.

You can reach me on any of these links below :).